Our staff is starting to come back from Hong Kong. Expect some major announcements in the coming weeks.

Jan 30th

Most of our employees have never met face to face so we planned a 10 day trip to Hong Kong to get to know the team and break some news to the team about LiquidVPNs bright future. Which means all of our staff is working from UTC +8 so answers may come at odd hours. We will be back in the office starting on Feb 3rd.

Jan 23rd

iPlayer is working properly but users must use browsers that do not support HTTP2. We have verified that Edge and Safari are two of the browsers that are supported. We are looking into a way to fix other browsers.

Jan 16th

If you have had trouble watching BBC recently we are pleased to announce that we have found a solution and have implemented it across our network. If you are having trouble accessing it please open a ticket at https://my.liquidvpn.com/submitticket.php

Jan 14th

We have patched our servers for CVE-2017-5753 / CVE-2017-5715 / CVE-2017-5754 the patches require reboots which will take place over the next hour or so. Downtime for each server should be under 15 minutes. Contact support if you have any questions.

Jan 4th

Earlier this week we received a message from the ISP we use for NJ and FL about perpetual torrent abuse. We expect these servers will end up terminated before too long.Hello,If you are receiving this, please be aware that your account has been flagged for excessive, perpetual torrent traffic abuse.Please be advised that we are making changes to ... Read More »

Dec 20th

We have just released Atlanta Georga w 10Gbps uplinks. This location supports Netflix and other streaming media. If you have any questions please contact us.

Dec 10th

We have published new California and Texas Servers. Both are on 10Gbps and should work with Netflix and other content.

Dec 10th

We are experiencing issues with our streaming proxies on the public IP topology. If you want to stream Netflix, Hulu or iPlayer you must use the shared IP topology until we are able to troubleshoot public IPs

Dec 8th

We have solved the problem with content streaming and sites are working again on shared topology only

Dec 7th