CA will not be running at full 10Gbps until the new switch is delivered later this week. We are sorry for any confusion. FL is running full 10Gbps

Nov 12th

LiquidVPN is committed to providing the most advanced network on the planet. In January we started the process of getting everything ready for the massive increase in bandwidth end to end 10Gbps will bring. Over the last few months, our VPN servers have been getting updated. We are happy to announce California and Florida are the first locations ... Read More »

Nov 10th

We have an SSD drive dying on LAX2. It is coming down for a replacement

Aug 25th

We released version 1.33 today for MacOS and Windows. Version 1.33 can be downloaded from if you have questions please contact support.

Aug 13th

Streaming has been fixed on LAX1, LAX2, NL1, and JAX1.  If you continue to have a problem streaming content from those locations please disconnect from LiquidVPN and then reconnect, enable Liquid Lock and try again.

Aug 12th

New LAX Servers and IP addresses are online now. Please restart your LiquidVPN app to see the servers show up in the menu. If you run into any problems with them let us know.

Aug 9th

New LAX Servers and IP addresses are online. Please restart your LiquidVPN app to see the servers show up.

Aug 4th

A recent change to the server has forced us to add a .txt file extension to the warrant canary for it to display correctly. We made the change and created a redirect rule for anyone visiting the old URL. If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket. The new URL is

Aug 1st

In order to access these servers, you will need to restart your LiquidVPN client. These are beta servers running an entirely new technology stack. If you find any problems or see a drop in performance please do not hesitate to leave us feedback.

Jul 22nd

We released two new IPSEC/L2TP, SSTP servers today. Jax1 and NL1. They are powered by new back end software so please let us know if you have any problems with them.

Jul 20th