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DD-WRT Configuration Files, standalone applications and other miscellaneous security related stuff
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Get connected to LiquidVPN easily and quickly with our new VPN clients.
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LiquidVPN For Windows 1.33
Expanded Cipher Detection for OpenVPN Requires Windows Vista or higher. File Hash MD5: 423df334b3ca26e8a2c8dae1f65e4db9
Filesize: 24.9 MB
LiquidVPN For Mac 1.33
Expanded Cipher Detection MD5: 85a15a60628d6bcced8f572499eefb13
Filesize: 14.4 MB
LiquidVPN Kill Switch
VPN Kill Switch for LiquidVPN users that do not want to setup a full featured VPN firewall but still want to protect their connections from data leaks if they somehow get disconnected from LiquidVPN Does not work with Windows 10
Filesize: 2.68 kB
DD-WRT Copy and Paste Scripts
Open the script you want to use and replace YourUsername and YourPassword with your VPN username and password and paste the script into the command area of your DD-WRT router. Then run the script.
Filesize: 44.4 kB
DD-WRT Connection Generator
*Linux Knowledge Required* Generate copy and paste DD-WRT scripts that will connect to virtually any VPN service that utilizes a username and password for authentication. This will generate protocol specific connections and optimize it for TCP or UDP connections. It can be setup to randomly connect to up to 4 OpenVPN servers of your choosing. Simply telnet/ssh into your DD-WRT router or any Linux terminal and upload this script to a directory along with your ca.crt and ta.key (optional) run the shell script and follow the prompts. It will create a custom script for you that can then be copy/pasted into your DD-WRT router.
Filesize: 14.3 kB