All of the .ovpn files and certificate files can be generated via our OpenVPN Configuration Generator. You can access the OpenVPN configuration generator by logging into and then clicking the big red OpenVPN Configuration Generator button on the left hand side. See the screenshot below.

OpenVPN Config Generator

To generate OpenVPN configurations with the certificates and keys extracted for you check advanced and then check external crt bundle. Take a look at the screenshot below for help. If you need more help creating OpenVPN configurations go here
external crt

If you already have the .ovpn files but need to extract the ca.crt and/or the ta.key open the .ovpn in notepad or your favorite text editor and copy out the needed certificates, paste it into a new text document and name it ca.crt or ta.key

The ca.crt will look like
Make sure to copy the lines above and below and everything in between

The ta.key will look like
-----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1-----
Make sure to copy the lines above and below and everything in between
-----END OpenVPN Static key V1-----


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