** This is an automated e-mail to inform you of an abuse complaint **







Dear customer,


This message is to inform you we received a complaint regarding

an IP assigned to you. Please see the complaint at the bottom

of this e-mail. We urge you to take appropriate action to prevent

future complaints.


Please note: the complaint has been processed by an automated system.

If you feel the complaint is invalid, please contact the complainant.


Failure to take action might result in an IP block of the mentioned IP.


Kind regards,


LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. - Abuse Desk








Hi Abuse Team,


This is an RBL nomination for the following lists of IP addresses that

are in the process of being listed to the RBL as a spam source

and/or is an originating spam source in progress.


-- IPs listed to the RBL --

-- End of IPs listed to the RBL --


Please refer to below information for representative spam samples.

Additional samples are available upon request from an authoritative



Filename: LEASEWEB.zip

Password: novirus


-- Example of spam mail --

Spam Sample #1 - []


Received: from [] by <removed> via sendmail with smtp;

                for 2 recipients; Mon, 11 Aug 2014 01:47:45 -0000

From: <removed>

To: <removed>

Subject: ---Truly unbelievable idea ..........

Date: 11 Aug 2014 22:42:45 -0700

Message-ID: <removed>

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: text/plain

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit


-- End of Example of spam mail --


-- Network Information --





inetnum: -

netname:        LEASEWEB

descr:          LeaseWeb

descr:          P.O. Box 93054

descr:          1090BB AMSTERDAM

descr:          Netherlands

descr:          www.leaseweb.com

remarks:        Please send email to "abuse@leaseweb.com" for complaints

remarks:        regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam.

country:        NL

admin-c:        LSW1-RIPE

tech-c:         LSW1-RIPE

status:         ASSIGNED PA

mnt-by:         OCOM-MNT

source:         RIPE # Filtered


person:         RIP Mean

address:        P.O. Box 93054

address:        1090BB AMSTERDAM

address:        Netherlands

phone:          +31 20 3162880

fax-no:         +31 20 3162890

abuse-mailbox:  abuse@leaseweb.com

nic-hdl:        LSW1-RIPE

mnt-by:         OCOM-MNT

source:         RIPE # Filtered




descr:          LEASEWEB

origin:         AS16265

remarks:        LeaseWeb

mnt-by:         OCOM-MNT

source:         RIPE # Filtered




descr:          LEASEWEB

origin:         AS60781

remarks:        LeaseWeb

mnt-by:         OCOM-MNT

source:         RIPE # Filtered




-- Network Information --

For more information on the RBL, please see:




I certify that I have followed the procedures and criteria required for

listing these IP addresses in the Trend Micro/ MAPS RBL.


Best Regards,

Yi Lee

Trend Micro Inc.

SMTP is blocked on this server now.

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