Every so often with any VPN service including LiquidVPN there may be issues that you are unfamiliar with or unhappy with. This can range from connection issues, speed issues and a whole host of other problems or niggles that spoil your enjoyment of the VPN service.

With a huge range of system set-ups, network configurations, ISP induced issues and more it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the issue lays. LiquidVPN support staff are always on hand to assist you whenever you feel an issue is impacting the performance of your VPN connection.

Troubleshooting such issues is a time consuming business and locating a fault can be a simple or complicated task.

To assist LiquidVPN support staff when reporting an issue via the ticket system it is advisable to include your connection log so any basic errors can quickly be ruled out by the trained tech staff. Without such logs it makes the task of troubleshooting the issue a longer and more drawn out process.


To access and submit the logs please follow the steps below.


1. Load up Liquid Viscosity and attempt to connect to the server of your choice. 

2. If connection is possible please let connection complete.

3. Double click on the Liquid Viscosity icon in the notification area.

4. Click on the folder icon of the connection type you are currently using, e.g.; L2TP, OpenVPN or PPTP.

5. A selection of countries will open. Click the folder icon of the country you are connected to.

6. Right click the country you are connected to and press Connection Log.

 Bring up connection log

7. In the new window that has opened click inside the lower half of the window at the location you see lots of text.

 Connection Log

8. Press CTRL & A to highlight it all and then CTRL & C to copy it.

9. Paste this log text in notepad and attach it to your Support Ticket.

The LiquidVPN support team will answer your query within a short timeframe.

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