So in this guide we are going to be downloading an Openvpn client off Google App Store, and importing a .ovpn into the Client.(Android 4.1.2)  Then doing some configuring to connect to a VPN, all without Root access!
Before starting this tutorial you should have your .ovpn files created off of LiquidVPN.  Make sure to have Android OS selected, Advanced with CRT Bundle and Auto Authentication enabled.  Then take the files from the zip file and transfer them over to your phone.  Now you are ready to continue!

 1.   We are going to be downloading the "OpenVPN for Android" by Arne Schwabe, its much easier to configure. After downloading go ahead and install it.
App Store "OpenVPN for Android"

 2.   So we need to add a new vpn.
Profile Button top right corner 2nd button from the left.

 3.   Import the file you copied over.
Navigating to where your .ovpn file is

 4.   You should see something like this saying basically it read the config file and made sense of all it could automatically.
Convert Config File log

 5.   After you click safe which is right ^ there, your going to want to click to the right of your listed vpn.  This brings of specific vpn settings that we want to edit.
On the right there will be a button to edit VPN settings

 6.   Make sure to take note of if LZO compression is used or not; we want to make sure its username/password and go ahead and select a CA.crt
Selecting ca.crt

 7.   Navigate to where you copied the files and select the ca.crt.
Ca.crt in file system

 8.   Go to the advanced tab and turn off Custom Options.
Advanced tab, we want to turn off custom options

 9.   Go to Authentication/Encryption and turn TLS Authentication on and select the Ta.key you copied over earlier. Please note: Modulating connections do not use TLS Key Authentication therefore you do not need to enable it when you are using IP Modulation. 
Authentication and Encryption tab.     Selecting TLS Auth File, Ta.key

10.  After your done go ahead and back out till you see the following screen and click it!
Time to connect!!!

11.  Enter in Username and Password for VPN (if you did in previous step you may not got this)
Enter in login information for VPN server

12.  And Congratulations we are connected!
Connection Sucessful!

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