In this guide we will be using the built in VPN Dialer for Android.  I am on Android 4.1.2 on my cell phone.

 1.   The first thing we want to do is go to settings.
Android Settings

 2.   Go to more settings.
More Settings

 3.   Your going to want to go to VPN under Network.
Set up VPN

 4.   If you dont already have an unlock pattern and backup pin set up your going to have to go ahead and do that now before we can set up VPN connections.
Setting up Pattern and PIN

 5.   After setting that up, you should see a drop down box for different types of VPNs, this is where we can decide what we want!
Type of VPN

6.   Here you can choose either PPTP or L2TP/Ipsec PSK
PPTP SetupL2TP Setup

 8.   After entering in the details obtained from you will be asked to login; this is not your LiquidVPN password, it is your LiquidVPN VPN Login Info.
Login VPN ServerLiquidVPN L2TP Login

 9.   Shortly after loging in you should see... 

10.  Last but not least to disconnect just click on active connect and an option box should come up with Disconnect.

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