Forcing Liquid Viscosity to refresh your connections on a Mac is quite simple. 

  1. Close Liquid Viscosity
  2. From your Finder menu select GO
  3. While holding down the option key (ALT) select Library
  4. Open /Preferences/com.sparklabs.vpp.smrhosting.plist in something like the free application Text Wrangler
  5. Make the following values Look like they are below (see example screenshot at bottom)

6. Save the file and restart Liquid Viscosity.
7. Open Preferences
8. Click General
Click Check for Updates Now
10. Give it a few minutes to update then check your connections. They should have refreshed. If they have not open the file you just modified above and check to see if the <integer>1</integer> has changed.

Force VPN connection update on mac

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