In this guide we will installing open vpn.  Generatoring our OpenVPN Config Files VIA and logging onto your very first VPN (I think?).


 2.   Click on CommunityOpenVPN Community Button

 3.   Click on Community Downloads OpenVPNs Orange Community Download Button

 4.   Click on most recent release (*32 or 64 bit depending on your machine)
Windows Xp Download Options

 5.   Download and save OpenVPN Client to desktop.
Openvpn setup.exe

 6.   Double click the setup. Then you will see a security warning on.  You must click yes, also if you do not have Tap Drivers installed already you will probably see another one of these shortly just click yes/next/next//next/finish.
Open File - Security Warning

 7.   Login at

 8.   Click OpenVPN Configuration Generator.LiquidVPN Config Generator for OpenVPn button

 9.   Click desired setting. (I Strongly Recommend checking the Auto Authentication)   To learn more about the OpenVPN Config generator settings go here.
Config Settings Available

VPN Options10.   Click Create OpenVPN Configuration Files.

  Save and open OVPN_config.

  Go to your Openvpn installation directory (C:\Program Files\OpenVPN).  Copy files from OVPN_config (*Step 11) over to your OpenVPN config folder(C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\Config)

13.  Open OpenVPN via Shortcut; it will open up an iconMonitor with a lockin the taskbar.  Right click the icon and select a VPN you would like to connect!

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