Please note AVG users may experience a problem when running Viscosity. Until AVG releases an update to their antivirus the only work around is to disable the real time sheilds, start Viscosity and then re-enable the real time sheilds. Alternatively users can use Avast's free antivirus instead.

In this guide we will be setting up Viscosity; LiquidVPNs Client.  You can either watch this narritive video below or follow the step by step just underneath the video.  Viscosity is the quickest way to get up and running with LiquidVPN.  Other then extract, install, point to license, enter in LiquidVPN login and your ready to connect!

 1.   Visit the LiquidVPN Client Area.
My LiquidVPN

 Login with the username and password you set for the website when signing up.

 3.   Scroll to the very bottom of the LiquidVPN Client Area screen. This is the initial screen you see after logging in.
Viscosity Options mac is on left windows is on right



 4.   Download the "LiquidViscosity-Latest_Win" *When working with zips I personally like to save it to my desktop for ease of access.

After downloading the Zip file right click it and click "Extract to VPN_CLIENT_win_2807"

Extract to VPNCLIENT_win_2807\" width= 

6.   Open up the folder created and install VPNCLIENT.exe.

After Extraction VPNCLIENT_win_2807

If you have Windows 7 or 8 you will get one or more of the following. You must hit "Yes" or "Run"

UACSecurity Warning for installing Viscosity on Windows 7


 8.   These adapter drivers are REQUIRED to use Viscosity
SparkLabs VPN Network Adapters Install (required)

 9.   After installation is complete go ahead and open it up, since this is the first time running you will be required to locate the license.lic in order to proceed.  (See why I often use the desktop)
Setup The Liquid Viscosity license

  You should now select the license.lic file located at your Desktop or the location that you extracted the files to. 
Select the license.lic file to finish the installation

A LiquidVPN Viscosity information screen will open from which you can access guides and various add-on scripts for future more involved use. If you don't wish to see this screen each time you run Viscosity then select the check box in the bottom left hand corner to disable this screen from displaying in future.
 Welcome to Liquid Viscosity

Once you have finished examining this screen press Close.

 A new icon will appear in the notification area (bottom right corner), you may need to press the small up directional arrow to be able to see it, it can be dragged near the time if you wish you have it permanently on view by left clicking and holding the button down and dragging the icon near the time area.
The Liquid Viscosity Icon

18.  You may want to go ahead and check a few of the preferences. Right click the Viscosity icon in your system tray and go to preferences.
Viscosity Preferences VIA system tray

19.  I Personally like to have it start on login; these should be default options if you updated Viscosity!
Viscosity Preferences (Optional)

 The choices are endless!!
Liquid Viscosity VPN Choices

Installation of the LiquidVPN Viscosity software is now complete. You can quit the software by pressing right mouse button on the icon in the notification area and selecting Exit Liquid Viscosity
You can connect to the location of your choice by right clicking the icon and selecting the location of your choice.

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