Please note AVG users may experience a problem when running Liquid Viscosity. Until AVG releases an update to their antivirus the only work around is to disable the real time sheilds, start Liquid Viscosity and then re-enable the real time sheilds. Alternatively users can use Avast's free antivirus instead.

If you are using Windows XP, installing Liquid Viscosity is pretty straight forward. After your account has been activated, follow these instructions:

Install instructions:

 1.   Go to LiquidVPN Client AreaClick on LiquidViscosity-latest_Win located at the bottom of client area.

 client area for downloading liquid viscosity set up

 2.   Save zip file at your desired location when prompted.
saving liquid viscosity zip file on your machine

 3.   Right click on the zip file you just downloaded and extract it in any desired location of your machine. You need to have WinRAR or similar extracting tool installed on your machine before you can perform this step.
unzipping liquid viscosity file on your machine

 4.   Double click on VPNClient, a setup file which is located in the folder you just extracted.
runing liquid viscosity set up on machine

 5.   A welcome dialog box will appear. Click Next
 welcome dialog box asking you to close all other applications before setup can continue

 4.   Specify if you want to create shortcut on the desktop and Click Next.
 asking to create shortcut icon for liquid viscosity on desktop

 6.   When you are ready, Click Install to set up Liquid Viscosity on your machine.

 7.   You may be prompted to install some dependencies like .Net Framework 3.5 Client Profile. Click Yes to download and install them.
asking for downloading and installing dependencies

 8.  Sit back and relax while dependencies are downloaded and installed.
download dependencies progress bar

 9.  As soon as set up is finished, you will be prompted of missing license file. Click on Select New License...
create new license for liquid viscosity

10.  Select license file from the folder you had extracted in step 3.
provide path for license file

11.  A welcome screen will popup showing you the successful setup of Liquid Viscosity along with location of application icon and some useful guides. welcome screen after successful set up

12.  You can launch Liquid Viscosity by double clicking on the icon located in icon tray.

liquid viscosity icon in icon tray for quick launching


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