Whoever said things werent easy in linux? In this guide I will be walking you through updating and installing network manager plug-in for pptp vpn servers, and even connecting in 10 EASY steps.

 1.   First thing we need to do is open up a Terminal window.
Terminal Window in Ubuntu 14.10

 2.   We are going to want to type "sudo apt-get update"

 3.   After the update is complete go ahead and type "sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp"

 4.   After installation is complete we are going to want to type "sudo apt-get install pptp-linux"

 5.   Reboot System

 6.   After reboot you should be able to click up in the top right corner and go to "Configure VPN".
Configure VPN Connections in the system tray

 7.   We are now going to choose the type of VPN we want.  If you dont have settings saved on you some where you may want to head over to Liquidvpn.com
Choose a Connection Type (PPTP)

 8.   Enter in your server information then go ahead and click on "Advanced..."   
Entering server information under the VPN tab

 9. Uncheck PAP, Allow BSD, Allow Deflate, Use TCP header compression
      Check CHAP,MSCHAP,MSCHAPv2, MPPE 128bit, Allow Stateful, and Send PPP.
Uncheck PAP;Check CHAP,MSCHAP,MSCHAPv2, MPPE 128bit, Allow Stateful, and Send PPP

10.  Now we just gotta go back up to the VPN Connections menu and 
Connect to LiquidVPN Via VPN Connections

11.  You should get a pop up asking for your password if you didnt have it saved.  Your first time connecting to the VPN it may ask you to enter in "Ring" password, I suggest making it something you can remember.

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