Make sure you have your information ready for this tutorial it's another quickie!

 1.   Click Menu, go over to Preferences then Network Connections and Click.
Go to menu, preferences, network connections

 2.   Click add under Network Connections
Add Connection

  Select PPTP from the drop down box and Click "Create..."
Go to menu, preferences, network connections

 4.   Enter in server address under Gateway; enter in login information obtained from LiquidVPNs Client Area.  Also make sure that in the general tab you Enable for all users.
VPN Tab enter in server info and click advanced

 5.   In the Advanced Options we want to make sure ONLY these are checked. MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2, Point to Point(MPPE) Security 128bit, Allow Stateful and Send PPP Echo Packets then Click Ok, Click Save.
PPTP Advanced Options

 Click Menu ->Preferences ->Network 
Go to menu, preferences, network

  Click on your VPN and slide off over to on!
Turn on under Networking

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