Install, Configure and Connect with L2TP/IPSEC

  1. Click the System Preferences icon.
  2. Click Network in Internet & Wireless.
  3. Click the + to create a new service.
  4. Choose the following:
    1. Interface: VPN
    2. VPN Type: L2TP over IPSEC
    3. Service Name: LiquidVPN L2TP Connection
  5. Select the newly created connection
  6. Set the following:
    1. Server Address: LiquidVPN IP Addresses can be found in VPN Servers
    2. Account Name: VPN Username
  7. Check the checkbox to Show VPN status in menu bar
  8. Click Authentication Settings... Enter the L2TP Key in the Shared Secret
  9. Click Advanced Verify Send all traffic over VPN connection is checked. If not put a check in the box.
  10. Click Okay and connect.

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