Please note that Liquid Viscosity is outdated and is no longer the recommended way to connect to LiquidVPN for Mac users. Instead we recommend downloading and installing the new LiquidVPN for Mac app

Connect with Liquid Viscosity on OS X
Step by step below video.

In this guide we will be setting up Liquid Viscosity.  So if you haven't yet please download Viscosity for Mac available through the client area.

 1.   We want to navigate to the downloads folder.
Downloads Folder

 2.   The zip should be extracted already and you should see something like below.  You want to double click VPNCLIENT.dmg.
VPNCLIENT.dmg in download/vpnclient_mac_481

 3.   It should bring up a new browser window with Viscosity, go ahead and double click to start the installation!
New browser window with Viscosity Icon 

 4.   Go ahead and click Open.
Are you sure? Yes we want to open it

 5.   You may be prompted to install some supporting software, then eventually you'll be asked to move to Application Folder, yes you want to move it.
Move to Application Folder-Yes

 6.   On a fresh install we are going to have to select the license that came in the .zip (where the .dmg is)
Select License

 7.   Navigate to your downloads/VPNCLIENT_MAC.481 and you should see license.lic double click it.  Liquid Viscosity is now ready to go! It should already be running in the top right.
Downloads Folder

 8.   Go ahead and click on it and decide what vpn you want to connect to!
Downloads Folder

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