Install, Configure and Connect with PPTP

  1. Click your Home button
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Select General
  4. Select VPN (VPN Menu may be visible inside your settings menu if you have already used it in the past.
  5. Tap Add VPN Configuration... 
  6. Select PPTP
  7. Set the following:
    1. Description: A descriptive name to remember the connection. 
    2. Server: IP or DNS name of desired server. Server List
    3. Account: Your Username
    4. Password: Your Password
    5. Encryption: Auto
    6. Send All Traffic: On
    7. Tap Save
  8. After saving the settings you will be back at the VPN Menu Slide the toggle switch to turn the VPN on.
  9. VPN will appear in the status bar letting you know that you are connected.

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