Install, Configure and Connect with OpenVPN

  1. Open your DD-WRT admin webpage.  
  2. Click on Setup - Basic Setup - Network Address Server Settings
  3. Modify DNS settings (we recommend connecting to LiquidDNS via in most cases)
  4. Open Services - VPN and disable anything that has to do with OpenVPN
  5. Apply Settings
  6. Open Administration - Commands copy and paste the contents of the script provided here.
  7. Change the username and password to reflect your username and password. Leave the single quotes (' ') in tact. USERNAME='YourUsername' PASSWORD='YourPassword'
  8. Save startup
  9. Go to at the top you should see your normal IP address.
  10. Open Administration - Management
  11. Click reboot router
  12. Wait for the router to come back online then give it up to 5 more minutes before you refresh the liquidvpn client area page. Your home IP will be replaced with the IP assigned to your router.

Watch the narrated video

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