LiquidVPN on PFSENSE Setup Guide

By using PFSENSE you get all of the advantages of having your VPN connected at the router without the slowdown of a traditional router. PFSENSE is a full featured router. You can do everything from Layer 7 filters to IPv6 routing.
  1. Under system select Cert Manager

    PFsense Setup Guide
  2. - Enter a name - Select Import - Copy/past Crertificate data from downloaded configuration file for your server

     PFSense OpenVPN Guide
  3. Make a txt file with username and password (Running PFSENSE from Compact Flash (e.a. on Alixboard) you don't have the rights to write. See guide “Creating PFSENSE txt file” to fix this) 

    PFSense OpenVPN Guide
  4. From VPN select OpenVPN 

    Step 4
  5. Now lookup the configuration file from your selected server and enter the details you find there on this page What you cant always find in the configuration files is encryption algorithm For now (February 2014) The ciphers:DE cipher CAMELLIA-256-CBC NL and UK Blow Fish All the rest AES-256-CBC

     PFSense step 5
  6. Under advanced put this information from YOUR SERVER configuration file.
    Step 6
  7. Check the log. “Initialization Sequence Completed”? You’re CONNECTED!
    Step 7
  8. Now assign the connection to an interface 

    Step 8
  9. Press the Plus button 

    Step 9
  10. Select ovpnc1 

    Step 10
  11. Now select YOUR NEW interface. In my case LiquidVPNNL

     Step 11
  12. Enter Description and IPv4 configuration type
    Step 12
  13. From Firewall Select NAT 

    Step 13
  14. Select tab Outbound and “click Manual NAT rule generation”. 

    Step 14
  15. Done! Maby reboot your router to make sure everyting went well Under Diagnostics select Reboot 

    Step 15
  16. Now check your IP or Hostname.Select a service which will display hostnames to make sure its liquidVPN 

    Step 16

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