Here are some of the most common reasons why you may not be able to connect to our VPN services.

 1.   Authentication to VPN server; If your using anything other then L2TP you only have one login for your VPN.  To find your Login for your VPN please click here.  After making sure we are using the correct login lets jump to the next step.

 2.   Software fireware blocking connection;  The easiest way to tell if a Software firewall is blocking your VPN connection is to just disable the firewall and try to reconnect to desired VPN.  If you were able to connect then your going to need to add an exception to use the VPN Connection.  If you do not know how to add exception to your firewall just a quick google search "Add exception to ZoneAlarm Pro", should bring up plenty of results!

 3.   Can we talk to the server?  Lets find out.  We want to ping the server; so open up a command prompt. Cmd.exe in windows, or terminal in mac/linux and typing in 'ping'!

 4.   Is it something with my Computer?  Well a very common step in troubleshooting is try it on something else.  If you have access to any other devices that have networking connections you can more then likely connect to a VPN with little fuss.  Check out the Getting Started Area to see what other devices you can try it on or just test it out on a friends computer if you dont have access to another device to try it on.

 5.   Sometimes L2TP/IPSec VPN Connections just dont work because of Geographical Restrictions, Configurations of Client/Server Computers.  If you just cant seem to connect to a L2TP server just switch to a different type of VPN server.  Such as PPTP, SSTP, or just Plain old OpenVPN take your pick over at the Client Area.

 6.   Windows UAC; Some people have found disabling this will allow Openvpn to work when all else has failed.

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