In this guide we will be setting up firefox to open when the desired VPN is connected and close if VPN disconnects.  Before starting this guide Please have Liquid Viscosity Installed and have the Mac Start-Stop Script Available in the Download Area.

 1.   Open up the Quit Script and edit line 2 between the " ".  In this example I am using Firefox, you can use Utorrent, Skype, etc.  After changing go ahead and Save it.
Editing line 2 of Quit Script

 2.   Same thing as Step 1, just with the Run Script.  We are going to place our desired program name between the " " on Line 2 of the Script.
Editing Run script Line 2 " "

 3.   Right Click Liquid Viscosity Tray Icon in the top right and go to Preferences.
Right Click Viscosity Tray Icon and go to Preferences

 4.   In the Connections Tab select the VPN server, Click the Gear and go to Duplicate Connection.
Duplicating desired connection to link scripts to.

 5.   Select your new Connection(Created at the bottom of the list), then Click Edit.
Select new connection and click edit on the bottom right

 6.   If you want Viscosity to connect automatically just Check it at the bottom left, then Click Advanced.
Editing General Tab, you may want to check "Connect when Viscosity opens"

 7.   Click "Select" to the right of Connected Script.  Navigate to where your Scripts are located for me its Documents/Viscosity Files/Start Stop App/.
Advanced Tab we are going to select connected script first.Find your OSXrun script that we edited earlier

 8.   Click Select to the right of Disconnected Script and select the MacOSXQuit Script we edited earlier.  Your finished product should look like the second picture below.
Click Select to the right of the Disconnect ScriptFinished Screen, if you want to auto connect to this server check the bottom left radio box

 9.   Now we are going to test it out, Right Click Viscosity tray icon; Click the New VPN Connection.
Testing it all out! Connect to new VPN Connection

10.  You may or may not get asked to Login; Depending on the VPN server.  If you do its your LiquidVPN VPN Login information!
Login with LiquidVPN VPN Username/Password

11.  Successfully Connected to VPN Serve is indicated by a Green Overlay on the Liquid Viscosity tray icon.
Connected Tray Icon (Green Overlay)

12.  The program you designated earlier should have launched shortly after the Connection was sucessful.
You should now see desired Application Launched on your bar

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