When trying to launch Liquid Viscosity you see a window like the one below that says "A different version of Viscosity is already running. Pleas exit the already running copy of Viscosity in order to open this one."


The Cause and Cure

Your antivirus is sandboxing Liquid Viscosity and it is not able to start properly. We have confirmed that some versions of AVG and Kaspersky will throw this error every time you try to start Liquid Viscosity. With AVG you can simply disable real time shields and then start Liquid Viscosity. Kaspersky on the other hand never completely disables even if you tell it too. You may need to remove Kaspersky completely to run Liquid Viscosity.

Until AVG and Kaspersky updates their sandboxing software to be more VPN friendly we recommend using something like Avast (free) or Malwarebytes (Paid) instead.

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