In this guide we will setup and install OpenVPN on Windows 10

1. Go to

2. Download the correct version of Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit) and save it to your desktop
Download OpenVPN

3. Right click the setup file and select Run as Administrator, if asked to install a tap adapter select Install
install tap adapter

4. Go to and login

5. Click on the OpenVPN configuration Generator button
openvpn config generator

6. Select Windows for the OS and choose your network topology (new users select shared or dynamic) to make OpenVPN automatically login check advanced and put a check into Auto Authentication. More inforation about the available options for the configuration generator can be found here
Config Generator

7. Click Create OpenVPN Configuration Files

8. Open the file and extract it to the config folder in your OpenVPN installation directory (C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\Config)

9. On your desktop right click the OpenVPN GUI shortcut and select Properties.

10. Click Advanced and put a check in the Run as administrator box. Click Ok, then Click Apply, if prompted for elevated priviliges provide it. Then Click Ok
advanced properties

11. Double Click the OpenVPN GUI shortcut on your desktop and iconwill appear in your taskbar. Right Click it and select the VPN you want to connect to.
VPN list

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