In this guide we will be installing LiquidVPN and configuring it to work on Windows 10. This should be a breeze; honestly if you've ever installed anything on a windows machine it should be up and running in under 15 minutes.

Video Guide - This guide goes over the installation and features of the LiquidVPN client.

1. First thing is to visit this URL to download the LiquidVPN program.  

2. Once it's finished downloading the installer it will ask permission to make changes to your hard drive. Click yes. After that you come to the first screen of the installation. It is a good idea to disable your antivirus before doing the installation.

3. The next screen allows you to choose the installation location of LiquidVPN.

4. The next window is for the location of the shortcut. the default LiquidVPN folder is recommended

5. The following screen asks if you want to make a desktop icon as a shortcut and if you want to run LiquidVPN after installation. In the words of Captain Planet, 'the choice is yours.'

6. The final screen before install is just a recap of the destination and start menu shortcut locations.

7. After installation you will also need to install the TAP program. The window for this automatically appears and it is essential for the program to run properly.

+Only the Ethernet Adapter is essential.

8. You can once again set the destination location for the program. And click install.

+Click Install again on the pop up window

9. When it is done click next one final time and finish! + This completes the installation and you can click finish and begin browsing anonymously!

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