Get Connected With A Single Click
We wanted our new client to be very easy to use while still providing access all of the advanced features you have come to expect from LiquidVPN. 

Get Detailed Instructions for OS X

Get Detailed Instructions for Windows

Get the Android Versions from Google Play

Introduction Video

Your Connected to LiquidVPN

Easily Find and Connect to LiquidVPN Servers
Server Select Button

We made the task of finding and connecting to your favorite VPN server intuitive and simple

LiquidVPN server selection couldn't be easier

All the Extra Settings Needed to Protect Your Privacy are Included
Easily block vulnerabilities and accidental disconnects from giving away your identity.

LiquidVPN client settings for the PC

Leave Feedback and get Support from the Client
With built in support you no longer need to open a ticket from your email client or from your online control panel. 

Get technical support from your desktop

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