This only occurs in LiquidVPN version 1.15. We are rolling a new version out that will remedy this very soon

We implemented Liquid Lock in the current version of LiquidVPN for Windows (Ver. 1.15) and we were recently made aware of a bug in the way Liquid Lock terminates when it is not shut down by clicking the Disable Liquid Lock button Disable Liquid Lock
There are a few ways this can happen. For example if you click the X to exit from the client with Liquid Lock enabled, your PC goes to sleep with it enabled or your PC crashes/gets shut down with Liquid Lock enabled you will need to follow the directions below. 


1. Go to Start > Type CMD > Right click on the Command Prompt icon and choose Run As administrator
2. When the window opens up type netsh advfirewall reset
Press Enter

Verify that everything is fixed.

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