From your native L2TP VPN client you can share your VPN connection to other devices like game consoles and media boxes using the following.


System Preferences => Network
1. Plus for new connection (bottom right corner)
2. Interface => VPN
3. VPN Type => L2TP over IPSec
4. Service Name: LiquidVPN (L2TP)
5. Click Create
6. Server Address =>
7. Account Name => Your Liquid VPN Username
8. Click on Authentication Settings
9. User Authentication - Password => Type in your Liquid VPN Password
10. Machine Authentication - Shared Secret => mysecurevpn
11. Click OK
12. Click Apply
13. Click on Advanced...
13. Tick Send all traffic over VPN connection
14. Click OK
15. Click Apply
16. Ensure wifi is turned on
17. Go to System Preferences => Sharing
18. Click on Internet Sharing on the left hand side (text, not tick box)
19. Share your connection from: LiquidVPN (L2TP)
20. Click the tick box for Wifi
21. Go into Wifi Options and change the SSID name & Security options / Passkey
22. Click the Tick box on Internet Sharing on the left hand side
23. Click Start, your mac will now be broadcasting a wifi network, but it won't have internet access unless the VPN is connected, to connect, see below:

To connect (repeat on the future, when you wish to use the system)
24. System Preferences => Network
25. Click on LiquidVPN (L2TP)
26. Click on Connect
27. You may click on Show VPN status in menu bar to make this easier in the future
28. Join the client to the wifi network you choose in /21
29. Verify ip via (on both laptop & games console, it should be the same and different from your public IP)

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