How to use LiquidVPN using iOS Native VPN Connector (IKE2)

You can now use iOS built-in VPN Connection app and IKE2

Go to Settings/General/VPN:

Click on “Add VPN Configuration”:

Enter Information for new Connection:

Type must be IKE2

Description: Name Connection what you would like

Server/Remote ID:  Enter these the same.

(To reach server closest to your location, enter:;  or to reach a target location they can use the URL for our server you would like to use: IE US.GETLIQUID.INFO, NJ.GETLIQUID.INFOEU.GETLIQUID.INFOUK.GETLIQUID.INFONL.GETLIQUID.INFO  etc.)  See last page for all URL’s

Save and turn on use!

Use the following URL’s (last one is for “closest to you”




Ashburn, VA

Toronto CA

Chicago, IL

New Jersey, NJ

Unitek Kingdom, GB


Switzerland, CH

Romania, RO

Los Angeles, CA

Germany, DE

Singapore, SG


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